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  The CANUDA PLY Canoe






The FIRST sheet plywood canoe with all the traditional compound canoe curves!

         159x33x13 ROUND BILGE canoe from just two 1/8 ply sheets

         Fair unkinked RADIUS CHINES with parallel sides amidships

         Innals & tumblehome transition to gunwale overhang & V to keep bow dry

         Traditional bow recurve and rocker with sharply upturned sheer

         Optional U stern sections, no rocker, straight stern assist tracking

         45 lbs with heavy glassing below waterline to allow beaching

         Optional Drop-in DIY front rowing rig makes solo very fast video

         Only Bow keeline and midships butt joints need Fiberglas taping

         Very LOW glue and resin consumption

         Complete SIDES can be nested for shipping for DIY completion

         Click for Detailled Design and Construction Notes

         Construction technique also allows rolled deck radius chine skiff