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 Flutterwell Pump- for deep, drilled wells



Pump groundwater with this wing'dmill & pipepump

  • Stub tower mounts directly on steel well casing
  • Joint hinges for erecting windmill with hand cable puller
  • 12' high work platform much safer than 30'
  • Offset pump a low well from exposed hilltop
  • 5 times more powerful than a man pumping
  • Incredible power in light but steady winds
  • Pipepump ultraconvenient to maintain
  • Snifts 1 AIR in to 3 water for air cushion & output
  • and 24-48v side charge with ring gear, pinion, alternator
  • Or drive alternator 12v & 2 stage compressor 150 psi
  • Compressed air easily and cheaply stored & useful
  • Standard cheap and robust truck bearings
  • Compact pieces for shipping

If you are interested in becoming a Flutterwell partner/dealer , please answer these questions about applications near you.


N.B. Ideally get your well drilled in the right place for best wind exposure with the right casing: minimum 6Ē Steel driven into bedrock and grouted for rigidity and to prevent surface water contaminating the well water. Donít let your well driller scrimp with PVC well casing which is a false economy, endangers well water quality by not allowing grouting, and will require a major $ foundation for the FWP.