Simple Deep well Treadle PumpBasic Yardpump form of Pipepump

Pump Engineering papers:


Uptodate JPE IMechE 7/29/2021

Aero. J. 2019 123(1265), p.1053-1074

2018 IE! Linear Stability in Water


Flutter as a Wind Energy Convertor papers 1 2 3


Optimal Wind Turbine Theory Free e-Book

My free R&D for a sustainable sharing caring world:


Low $ tension deep well water pumps & variable stroke fluttering airfoil windmill, pump & service faster than wind & hand pumps.

"Flutter well" for boreholes & floating "Flo'-Pump" for dugouts, pump by oscillating in light wind but feather in high. Seeking dealers/partners only. Not DIY

FREE designs: treadle
"Yardpump" for well (backup) "Cottage Pump" for a winter cabin waterpumping


Free BIKE Design: Rowing Chopper Grocery Bike, Rock n Roll Push & Pull Arm Power Handlebars Back-pedal rim brake Folding mini version Backpedal Brake for Rear Derailleur Video

Download Wind turbine theory & easy blade design

DIY chineless compound curved plywood Canoe, Sliding seat trapeze Arrow sailing dinghy solo or duo.

DIY front rowing rig especially for canoes.


2022 solo A Vampire foiling cat design


Fast planing flying spinnaker from sliding seat

Well-mounted windpump

.Flutterwell Pump model of Wing'dmill & Pipepump

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Wingd Mills 2013


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Bombas Aladas 2007



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